To help you to plan your Hog Roast party, here are a few FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Q: Can you provide a BBQ inside or outside?
A: Both

Q: What makes your meat different?
A: At our Hog Roast parties we only use Free Range Pork fed in the time-honoured Welsh traditional way, on home grown barley and wheat.

Q: What kind of equipment do you use?
A: Our newly purchased state of the art hog roasting machine is unique in build and the quality of the cooked meat.

Q: What do you mean "NATURALLY GRASS FED"?
A: The process of growing is never hurried, and the animals have a truly contented and leisurely lifestyle with a traditional grass (and hay in winter) diet, and lots of space and lots of fresh air.

  • Natural Welsh Beef & Lamb
  • Naturally Welsh
  • Naturally Tasty
  • Grass Fed Only
  • No Synthetic Feed
  • No Antibiotics
  • No Hormones
  • Just Nature

Q: Why does your meat taste so good?
A: The wonderful flavour of our meat is due to the animals eating only the grass and meadow flowers of the lush Welsh pastureland by the Menai Straits. The natural tenderness is enhanced by the stress-free life style, and later, by the correct handling and hanging of the meat.

  • Traditionally Home Reared Beef & Lamb
  • Superb Natural Flavour
  • Our Cattle & Lamb Are Grass Fed Only
  • No Artificial Feed-Stuffs
  • No Growth Hormones No Routine Anti-Biotics
  • Ensuring Old Fashioned Flavour And Tenderness To Our Meat
  • 0ur Traditional Welsh grass-fed meat is hung in our cold rooms to ensure top quality taste and tenderness that cannot be obtained by any other means.

Q: Where does your beef and lamb come from?
A: The herd is made up of Welsh Black cows crossed with Limousin and Charolais bulls. This gives the superb flavour and tenderness of the Welsh Black added to the leanness of the Limousin and Charolais, producing top quality beef in just the right proportions.

The young cattle and lamb suckle and feed, and learn to graze beside their mothers in our rich grassland beside the Menai Straits, Eventually they are weaned, naturally by their mothers. We farm in the traditional lime-honoured way, which we know produces superior, tastier and safer beef and lamb, done naturally, the Welsh way.

Q: What do your customers think?
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Q: Do you have any photographs?
A: Yes - please click here

Q: How do I contact you?
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